What I Do as a Marriage Celebrant

From the first moment we make contact, face to face, phone, email or skype, I will treat you respectfully and promise timely communication.

As your celebrant, I will make you aware of other fantastic wedding day providers (e.g., photographers, venues) should you need help with that. A lot of my clients want a simple, fun and reasonably short ceremony – and yes, I can certainly do that. The contrast I create with the magic of words will take people through a sense of romance as well as fun. I am always appropriate with my presentation of your ceremony and also how I dress! I absolutely promise you that I will never wear bright colours, plunging necklines, capri pants, florals, frills, flounces or fascinators!! My taste is understated and after all, who would ever compete with you as the bride and your bridesmaids?! Or the Mother of the Bride or Groom.

I will make you aware of how and when to order your marriage licences (the so-called register, two copies that are actually called your PARTCULARS OF MARRIAGE). Ordering these is your responsibility as the Department of Births Deaths and Marriages (usually found within your nearest Department of Justice or Courthouse) will require you to fill out a Statutory Declaration. I will remind you about when to collect them, to bring them to your wedding ceremony rehearsal with me, as well as how and when to order your formal Certificate of Marriage following the wedding. This latter documentation is required if you want to change your name on your passport etc. to that of the person you have married.

I will provide samples of ceremonies, marriage vows (your promises to each other) and your ring vows. I can also make suggestions about readings to include in your ceremony, unique ways rings can come forward and how to personalise your day to make it just YOU. Your wedding ceremony will be approved by you prior to rehearsal. I use this script as my main guide to your ceremony but of course, ad lib a little in order to be present, personable and pleasant with both of you, your bridal party, groomsmen and your guests. In this way, I help to make people feel the emotion of the day and to feel really involved. I do not simply read your ceremony. The music you choose to walk in to (the processional), to play during the time that you sign the paper work (towards the end of your ceremony) and then the joyful up-beat music you choose to walk out to at the end when I introduce you as Mr and Mrs for the first time, all help to add emotion, relevance and joy to your ceremony. In this way you will ensure the maximum enjoyment for you and your guests.

On confirmation of my appointment as your celebrant I send you an on line booking form which can be filled in with the early details of your day and updated as you confirm and add elements such as who will be doing readings, page boys, flower girls, bridesmaids etc etc.

There are lots of other little things that I do – such as suggest you use a signing table (and I have a couple that I can lend you), or a chair to sit on for signing, use of my sound system and 2 microphones. My final promises are to do a great job for you and to take as much stress as possible out of planning the perfect ceremony.

My legal requirements are:

  1. Use both your full names at least once within your wedding ceremony.
  2. Ask you both if you take each other as lawfully weddeds.
  3. ID both of you to find out for sure that you are who you say you are (yes, they ask us to do that, too).

I am a member of CANZ (Celebrants’ Association New Zealand) and as such keep up to date with professional development and all the legal requirements about which I need to remain informed.

Thanks…and talk soon.